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Bound to the Alpha
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20 year old Leilani Whitlock experiences first hand hardship when her once peaceful life goes suddenly from good to terrible in a night. Her parents, who were the Alpha and Luna of their pack, meet with mayhem on their way back from a long trip. They are announced dead at the spot leaving the young Leilani to fend for herself as well as for her younger sister. Her father's Beta, Tyson, then makes himself Alpha by forcing himself into the throne. He at first, takes Leilani and her sister in as his but then after Leilani rejects his very many sexual advancements, he changes towards her and her sister, forces them to practically become slaves in his kingdom and then sells them off when he no longer found them useful. They successfully escape their buyers, run into the streets but fall into the territory of the Crescent Moon pack. What then happens to Leilani when, due to desperation, takes up the job role of being the nanny of three grown adults who are way older than she was? And to top matters, what would she do when the three of them seem to show a special interest in her? ...even after all of this confusion, she's faced with a bigger challenge when their family friend, Lucas joins in the already misshaped love rectangle, and then she's forced to make a decision on whom to choose between the quartet. And to make matters worse, she gets an unannounced call from her past...


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