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About me

Hi there! theepurplebutterfly or you can call me theepurplenabi, I'm just a passionate writer driven by an insatiable love for storytelling. With a mind that thrives on boundless creativity, I've embarked on a journey to weave enchanting tales that spring from the depths of my imagination. Writing, for me, isn't just a hobby; it's my way of giving life to the vibrant worlds, colorful characters, and breathtaking adventures that reside within me. Each word I pen down is a piece of my heart and a glimpse into the beautiful landscapes my mind conjures. As an avid explorer of the written word, I find solace in crafting narratives that not only entertain but also resonate with the reader's soul. Through my stories, I hope to transport you to places unknown, let you meet characters you'll cherish, and leave you with a touch of magic that lingers long after you've turned the final page. Join me on this incredible journey as I channel my boundless passion into sharing my most cherished imaginings with the world. Together, let's celebrate the power of words and the beauty of unfettered creativity!"


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Evly Royalty, the eldest daughter of the King of Odessa, found herself deeply enamored with Mshell Majesty, but their love story did not unfold as love at first sight. Instead, their affection grew gradually, and both were oblivious to its development. Their paths crossed at Crowns Academy, a boarding high school for royalty from various prestigious backgrounds, including Kings, Dukes, Viscounts, Lords, Prime Ministers, and Emperors. Mshell Majesty stood as one of the higher royals, being the second son of the Emperor of Athras, the encompassing nation to which all other kingdoms belonged. The grand nation of Athras was divided into three primary regions: Athras Central, serving as the nation's capital and housing the Emperor's residence, followed by the North with its two kingdoms, Al'done and Odessa, and lastly, the South, comprised of three significant kingdoms, Asianie, Mane's, and De'Rheal. Throughout their time at Crowns, Evly and Mshell's love blossomed beautifully, and they crafted a plan called "Winning 11" to shape their future. The plan involved reuniting eleven years after their high school days after they had established their careers, to formalize their love and commitment. Their exquisite plan also served as an inspiration to other students at the academy. However, reality can be harsh and unpredictable, as they were about to discover. After Mshell's graduation, everything seemed normal initially, but soon, changes started to unfold. They were not just a couple; they were best friends and soulmates. Being apart from each other proved to be challenging for Evly, as she had her friends around, but none could fill the void left by Mshell. Life took a different turn for Mshell as well. Attending college meant he couldn't escape his identity as the Emperor's son. It wasn't as pleasant an experience as he thought it would be. Thoughts of Evly consumed him – her presence, laughter, and smiles were etched in his mind. She had an uncanny ability to solve his problems effortlessly, and her absence left an irreplaceable gap in his life. Though he tried his best to visit, time constraints made it difficult, but their long phone calls and video chats bridged the distance, to some extent. Eventually, Evly graduated, but things were different – not necessarily better, but different. The memories of their time together flashed back to her like a kaleidoscope, while she struggled with the fear that such a profound connection might never happen again. Yet, part of her clung to the hope of "Winning 11," knowing it was only the fifth year since they parted. In a heartfelt reflection, Evly spoke of the mixed emotions she experienced, sensing that this outcome was possibly foreseen. Perhaps this was all part of the journey toward "Winning 11," as the fifth year marked only the beginning of their story.

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Mal had one mission, and one mission only: to reclaim the ermminet blood for the vampires. This precious blood had been lost years ago during the mini war between the goblin and vampire species. This daunting task fell upon Mal, as he was the son of the vampire leader who once possessed the ermminet blood. Tragically, Mal's father and brother met their demise under mysterious circumstances during the war. The ermminet blood, responsible for maintaining the fragile balance between the supernatural and human worlds, now rested in the possession of an individual completely unaware of its significance. However, Mal's unwavering focus began to waver when he found himself captivated by the presence of a particular human girl—Melanie Elsher. Her allure was irresistible; her laughter echoed like a melody, and the twinkle in her eyes cast a spell on him. Slowly but surely, his initial purpose began to lose its grip on him as he tumbled into a realm of captivating distractions. Phil, his mysterious cousin, always kept a watchful eye on Mal's actions. When he noticed Mal's growing fascination with Melanie, he knew he had to intervene Phil and Mal didn’t have a good relationship, but it wasn’t always like that, but things changed when their fathers died mysteriously and Mal being the obvious choice for the next leader of the vampires, didn’t really care much about the lifestyle and this p*ss*d Phil a lot so when he found out about Mal’s little crush he decides to charm his way into Melanie’s life and make things more complicated. Melanie's life had been nearly perfect before Mal's arrival. She was encompassed by caring and adorable friends, and her small yet joyful family brought her immense delight. However, everything took a turn with the sudden entrance of Mal and Phil into her life. Mal was an odd boy who appeared seemingly out of nowhere, bringing along a cascade of unforeseen events, including Phil, that completely disrupted her once-normal existence. As Mal struggled to balance his duty to the vampires with his newfound affection for Melanie, a complex web of emotions and choices entwined. Secrets were revealed, alliances formed, and dangers emerged from the shadows. Each decision made rippled through both worlds, leaving a profound impact on their intertwined destinies. Melanie's chance meeting with the two boys led her to the discovery of a long-concealed secret about herself. This revelation, which her parents had painstakingly kept hidden, set in motion a series of profound changes in her body and life, forever altering the course of her existence. In this tale of love, duty, and sacrifice, the fate of the ermminet blood, the vampires, and the human world rested in the hands of these three individuals. Their choices would determine the course of history and the very fabric of existence, as they embarked on a thrilling journey that would forever alter their lives and the world they knew.


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