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The Void Traveler

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About me

I majored in Journalism and Communication during my college years, fostering a keen interest in news reporting and writing. Following graduation, I joined a local newspaper, assuming the role of a journalist. Engaging in numerous interviews and coverage of significant events has sharpened my skills and heightened my acuity in news writing. I am passionate about uncovering the profound layers behind stories, striving to present readers with objective and nuanced news. Beyond news writing, I have ventured into various creative pursuits, including personal blogging, literary critiques, and creative writing. These endeavors have expanded my writing style and expressive capabilities, enabling me to adapt fluidly to diverse forms of literary creation.


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  • 👁 264
  • 7.0

On December 12, 2059, at noon, a sudden meteor shower erupted, countless fireballs streaking across the sky, leaving long tails of flame in their wake. Countless ashes rained down from the heavens, casting the entire world in shades of gray. The world erupted in uproar as people accused observatories of failing to provide warnings despite their substantial funding. Media outlets collaborated to turn this meteor shower event into a human feast. Doomsayers flooded the streets, celebrating as if it were the end of the world. Mayan calendars, the Twelve Yellow Palaces, and prophecies from various eras were brought into the spotlight. Objects related to the meteor shower became sacred relics for some and were dismissed as mere trivialities by others, treated as nothing more than toilet paper. Candles, gasoline, firearms, food, medicine—everything became exorbitantly expensive as prices skyrocketed. Numerous scientists became engrossed in their research, occasionally announcing discoveries of unprecedented extraterrestrial substances. Some questioned whether the meteor shower would bring disasters to Earth, fearing extraterrestrial microorganisms in the ashes. However, despite scientists' efforts, no microorganisms or viruses were found. Days passed. No one knew that, within the ashes, a virus that humanity was yet to fathom was silently spreading with people's movement and the diffusion of air, gradually covering the globe. Life continued as usual. The fervor brought by the meteor shower gradually subsided, but the apocalypse had quietly arrived.


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