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I am a motivational speaker and an author.Writting to me is a hobby where i get to articlate my opinion, thoughts and emotions to the world though a piece of writting.


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  • 👁 108
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Lila's life spirals into a nightmare when the man she once trusted most, her stepfather Ethan, reveals a horrifying truth. Trapped in the confines of a dimly lit study, Lila faces the unimaginable – she's pregnant, and Ethan demands she terminates the pregnancy to preserve the facade of their family. The weight of her dilemma suffocates her, as every decision seems to lead to despair. With Ethan's chilling insistence echoing in her ears, Lila struggles against the oppressive shadows of her home. The once-comforting walls now feel like a prison, trapping her in a cycle of fear and betrayal. Her father's cold eyes offer no solace, only threats of disgrace and reminders of his control. Desperate for escape and a sliver of hope, Lila reaches out to Maya, her loyal friend, whose home offers a sanctuary from the storm. Maya’s unwavering support becomes Lila’s lifeline, giving her the strength to confront the darkness engulfing her. As the rain outside mirrors her tears, Lila steps into the night, determined to reclaim her life and protect the innocent soul growing inside her. "Shadows of Betrayal" is a harrowing tale of courage and resilience, exploring the devastating impact of hidden abuse and the indomitable spirit required to break free from its grasp. In a world where trust is shattered and love is tainted, Lila must navigate her way through a labyrinth of pain and secrecy to find her own path to redemption and justice.


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