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  • Author: Tee
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 541
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Look woman I never begged to be your husband, you gave me that opportunity” Min Jun yelled. Mei Xing a 22 year old and the only daughter of multi-billionaire Mr. and Mrs. Lin is diagnosed with cancer but doesn’t want to go through cancer treatments with only a year left in her life, she wants to do everything her parents didn’t let her do because they wanted to protect her Min Jun a 23-year-old, who lost his job finds himself a jackpot and agrees to be Mei’s husband for the money and all the benefits of being with a billionaire’s daughter. Sometimes not all sad endings are bad, they can be happy ever after EXCERPT: “Will you marry me?” Mei Xing asked a stranger she met walking on the streets. “What did you just say?” he said and was about to walk away. “I will pay you, a hundred thousand dollars, if you be my husband for a year” she said. “A year?” he asked and she nodded. “If you are interested, meet me at this address tomorrow, it is a fancy restaurant” she said, got in her car and drove away. She scanned through her wardrobe and wore a flowery dress, it wasn’t summer but by summer she might be too sick to wear this. “You only live once, more like a year” Mei Xing said and wore the dress, she got to the venue but the stranger was not there yet. Min Jun finally arrived in jeans and a polo, “A summery dress in fall” he said as he took his seat. “The deal is I get fifty thousand dollars before we start the arrangement, then after the wedding I get the other half” Min Jun asked and Mei Xing nodded in approval. “You just have to be with me for a year, I probably won’t be alive by the end of the year” she joked. “Do you have some kind of transferable deadly disease. Covid?” he asked her. “No just cancer” she assured. “So I’m going to be free in a year and you will be dead” he said nonchalantly and agreed to the deal


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