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Surreal ink

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Negotiating with the Devil
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She is in Law school. He breaks the Law every day. Her father calls her sunshine. He is called the Overlord of the Bravta. She is pure. He is tainted. They are a match made in hell. *** “There is no going back after you sign this contract,” he tilted my head with a finger so I met his sinful smirk and distracting eyes. “After this, you are mine, Sweet little thing. You’ll not be able to run or escape me. Because no matter where you run to, even though I have to turn this world upside down, I will find you and bring you right back to my side because you are bound to me.” I laughed. “Trying to scare me?” I took the pen from him and signed a contract with the Devil. *** When Julia found out she was dying soon, she decided to do the one thing she had been scared to do all her life before she dies. Fall in love. She had her bucket list planned out and all she needed was a heartless man who wouldn’t lose his heart to her in the 6 months she had to live. And Valentino Damon was the right man for the job since she was more than convinced, he didn’t own a heart. He was the devil and he might be the most significant risk she might ever take but what does one have to lose if they were going to die soon anyway?


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