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  • Author: Sunyboy
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 102
  • 7.5

This is a story of a rich man named Paige who would later fall in love with a poor girl,It's a bit of a cliche but this story is full of twists. Maybe you can find yourself in this story. Prince Charming is reaching. A rollercoaster of fun with a suspense to leave by our ready for each new chapter ! Paige Mosley was a young woman with simple needs. She was an orphan from birth, going from one foster home to another until she reached the age where it was considered old enough to be on her own. She never really fit in, with her delicate features, her hair blond, so light in color it was almost white. From the age of sixteen, she worked jobs as a waitress, babysitter, and other odd jobs and went to school at night. When she turned eighteen she got a full-time job as a maid at the Maestri hotel in New York. In the three years she worked there she made friends with the other staff members. They became like a family of sorts. But when news came that the hotel was shutting down a cloud of despair hung over everyone's head. Many of who worked there were getting up in age, others were young and had no education and jobs would be hard to find. As it was they weren't paid very well, they depended mostly on tips. When word spread that the owner was coming to inspect the hotel to determine what was needed to bring it up to date to be sold the staff panicked. This hotel was the only one that had been neglected over the years and was in need of a lot of work such as carpets replaced as well as new furniture and paint. Though it was kept clean it still had become shabby. The staff got together to talk, trying to come up with a way to persuade the owner to keep the hotel open and let the employees keep their jobs. Paige and a couple of the other maids cleaned the penthouse suite from top to bottom, it was the best suite in the hotel.


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