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Sun Flower

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  • Author: Sun Flower
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 431
  • 7.5

The story begins with the desire of a wealthy businessman, Alexander Prakarsa, to have offspring. Alexander has been married to Cesilia Chandra Wijaya, a famous model, for over five years, but they have not been able to conceive. The cause is not their health, but Cesilia's unwillingness to get pregnant out of fear that her slim and s*xy body would change and stretch during pregnancy and childbirth. To protect her career as a model, Cesilia always refuses Alexander's wishes in various ways, even resorting to threats of divorce and self-harm if Alexander continues to insist. Alexander's love for Cesilia makes him yield, and without realizing it, five years pass by. However, on their sixth wedding anniversary, Cesilia and Alexander can no longer postpone having children. Meri, Alexander's biological mother, urges them to give her grandchildren. At the age of sixty, Meri is afraid of passing away before getting a chance to hold her grandchild from her only child, Alexander. Trouble arises when Meri continues to pressure Alexander, while Cesilia remains firm in her decision. Cesilia doesn't want to get pregnant, especially since she has just received an offer to become a brand ambassador for a popular body slimming product in Indonesia. She is expected to maintain her slim figure for the next two years. Alexander can't accept this because his mother keeps pushing him to have a child and asks him to divorce Cesilia if she doesn't want to get pregnant soon. Feeling pressured by Meri's demands, Cesilia finally asks Alexander to marry someone else so they can have a child, even if it's not from Cesilia's womb. However, Alexander refuses because he wants to have a child with Cesilia. Nevertheless, Cesilia persuades him to do it only temporarily, so that Meri will no longer disturb them or demand a grandchild. Cesilia also promises to quit being a model and focus on being a housewife once her contract ends. Reluctantly, Alexander agrees to this request for the sake of their marriage's integrity and to fulfill his mother's wishes. The woman chosen by Cesilia is Casandra, the daughter of a household assistant who has been serving Cesilia for a long time. In fact, since Cesilia was young, Lastri, Casandra's mother, has been working alongside her own parents. Cesilia chose Casandra because she appeared outdated and uncultured in Cesilia's eyes. Casandra, although beautiful, neglected her appearance due to working in the fields every day to help support her father's medical expenses and her younger siblings' education. Since Cesilia's parents passed away, only her mother was accepted into their home. Casandra, her siblings, and her father had to return to the village and live modestly, relying on farming and support from Cesilia's mother. It was easy for Cesilia to ask Casandra to become Alexander's contract wife and give birth to a grandchild for Meri. By simply recalling their gratitude and offering a sum of money to Lastri, Casandra could marry Alexander. The marriage would only last until Alexander had a child, after which Casandra could divorce him. After the marriage, Cesilia asked Alexander and Casandra to sleep in the same room whenever she was out of town or came home late. Alexander and Casandra agreed, although they never exchanged a single word. Casandra even slept on the floor while Alexander took the bed. However, Casandra took care of all of Alexander's needs, from clothing to food, and even the smallest details. This way, Cesilia no longer had to bother waking up early to attend to Alexander, who never liked being taken care of by domestic helpers. Two months into Casandra and Alexander's marriage, Cesilia became busier and rarely returned home, creating more distance between her and Alexander. Even when Alexander was hospitalized due to an accident and temporarily unable to walk, it was only Casandra who patiently took care of him, despite his constant refusal and disdain towards her. However, Casandra's persistence and innocence melted Alexander's heart, especially when the doctor announced that his leg had fully recovered thanks to Casandra's dedication in helping him learn to walk again. As a sign of gratitude, Alexander took Casandra shopping and transformed her into a stunning young woman. Day by day, Casandra's transformation and her endearing nature melted Alexander's heart, to the point that on Casandra's birthday, he gave her the gift of their first night together in a five-star hotel. While Casandra and Alexander's marriage seemed to thrive like any other, Alexander's relationship with Cesilia grew more distant. Casandra fulfilled all of Alexander's physical and emotional needs, gradually eroding Alexander's love for Cesilia, which remained untouched and distant. The distance grew even wider when Casandra became pregnant, and Meri showed more attention to her. At first, Cesilia paid no attention to it all, but when she discovered that she was also pregnant, Cesilia wanted to separate Casandra from Alexander. The news of Cesilia's pregnancy surprised everyone. However, they weren't happy but rather suspicious, as it was believed that the child was not Alexander's. Since Alexander and Casandra became a married couple, Cesilia had not fulfilled her duties as a wife. What's more, Cesilia's pregnancy was even younger than Casandra's. It was revealed that all this time, Cesilia had been using her own body to secure contracts in the modeling industry, her lifelong dream. The child in Cesilia's womb was confirmed to be from the owner of the well-known product that had made Cesilia their brand ambassador. With a heavy heart, Alexander let go of Cesilia and focused solely on Casandra. Although he still had feelings for Cesilia, she could no longer show her face to the public due to the shame of her lies being exposed. Cesilia became stressed and was admitted to a mental health facility. However, Alexander and Casandra remained by her side as close friends, helping Cesilia recover. They also helped raise Cesilia's child until she regained her strength and returned to her previous self.


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