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Sule Saheed Ayomide

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About me

My name is Sule Saheed Ayomide, a Nigerian writer. I started writing at the age of 16 and I hope to continue writing.


The Wolf's Legacy
  • 👁 73
  • 7.5

"You didn't ask for the bite but you got it anyways, now you are one of us" A female voice entered Alexander's ears. After so many years of being hidden the supernatural world slowly emerges to the real world. All due to the hunt for power, the hunt for the Wolf's Legacy. During this hunt some teenagers are caught in the cross fire and drawn to the battle. One of them his Alexander Marshall a teenager beaten by the Primordial Alpha who possesses the Wolf's Legacy. Alexander is gifted with the Wolf's Legacy via the bite now danger lurks around him while he struggles for his survival, trying to protect his loved ones same time trying to live a normal life Protagonists of the story with a little description: (Name, age, background, personality, occupation and their relationship) Alexander Marshall, he is 18 years, he is from a wealthy family from another city, he has a very cool and calm personality, smart and funny, he is a student who takes a part time job as a shop keeper, Alexander is regarded as a rascal in his school and he doesn't seem to mind which puts him in a conflict with Douglas his rival/enemy. Alexander gets bitten by an Alpha werewolf so his life changes and becomes more difficult to balance between the supernatural world and normal life


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