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Stephanie Bankz

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About me

Hey, I'm Stephanie! A lot of people know me as Bankz or just plain Stephanie. I'm an introvert and you can tell already that I'm not the social type, yeah! I find solace in my books, social media and God especially. Friends have come and left, things have come and left as well but I'm still pushing with help from God. So basically, I'm publishing my books here on AlphaNovel and I'd really really love your audience, Support, gifts and encouragement to move the story. Do not forget to let me know how you feel about the story and your opinions on how I could improve. Till later, I'm still Stephanie!☺️❤️


  • 👁 16
  • 5.0

Gracie finds herself in the middle of a toxic world where sexual fantasies and unrequited love seem to be the above genuine love. Having lost everything; her career and her relationship, she is devastated and unable to make a meaning of her life anymore. Fate decides to mock her in the face by bringing her back in contact with her Ex-fiancè who was about to get married at the hotel where she worked. She is faced with pain, heartbreak and slight shame as she deals through the ugly situation of singing at the wedding. “I know this is probably not the best time to say this but, I'm in love with you. You can't see it because you're still in a dilemma but I see you." With the hurt and pain of seeing her ex get married to another in her presence, do you think she'd be able to let go or fight back? Would she accept this new love story presented to her and live her life again or would she drown in regret of the past and return for revenge?


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