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Lisa is a nineteen-year-old mermaid that doesn't know who or what she was from the beginning of her life, after her mother, Emilia resurfaces in the land after the war that occurred in the aquatic ocean, Fortunately, Emily was present to see the appearance of both Emilia and Lisa, she couldnt do anything to help emilia but she saved Lisa and ran away, disguising her like a human being with the fish changing necklace used in the ancient days by the first set of the exiting mermaid also known as the ABYSS, Lisa didn't realize how powerful she was nor does she know the threat her due to the power she held, a lot of people are after her for their own selfish benefit, Even Benson Chapman, Michelle and Emily's biological father, she soon realizes what she was but found it hard to take it in since her foster mom Emily Chapman didn't tell her, her real truth, Emily kept the truth from Lisa so she wouldn't misuse herself so as not to get her self into the wrong hands. Mr park a wealthy billionaire journey tangled up with Lisa, and gradually falls in love with her but he wouldn't let himself accept that simple fact because he actually knew what he got into along with his mom, Bridget sue, Mr park's biological mother who works with the corrupt government officials alongside Benson Chapman, as soon as mr park found out what Lisa really is, he traded her off to the government officials for more wealth to what he already had, he soon realized his mistake when he found out what they are actually going to do with people like her, he was now left with no other option but to rescue her from the wrong hands, aden found his way and saved the mermaid and sadly she had to return to the water along with her biological mermaid mother and promised to come back for him.


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