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  • Author: Sowunmi16
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Clover….a timid yet humble girl who never had a say in her own life. As a daughter of a prestigious Alpha, Clover has never been treated as one. Wash the dishes alone after each meal? She did it. Clean the entire house, including the bathroom and toilet? Yup, she did that as well. Unlike her younger half-sister raised as a princess from birth, Clover was the exact opposite of her, treated as a lowly servant in her family. Happiness was deemed as luxury in Clover’s meaningless life. Until…. She discovered her destined one to be another prestigious Alpha, a newly ordained one. What she experienced with him was something like never before. Every day, every second, after she met him was different from her entire life spent with her family. The single ray of light that he brought to her world filled with only darkness was what she never wanted to let go of…never. However…. A certain incident changed everything and before clover knew it, she was forcefully thrusted back to her former life without that single ray of light. Will clover swallow her sorrows and live her life as an unwanted daughter of a prestigious Alpha… OR Will her vain life find its meaning with all the hidden secrets coming out of nowhere, especially when she meets another man claiming herself as his? **** ‘’B-But….t-this…this is your father, the Alpha’s clan! By birthright, you have more entitlements over the clan. What are we supposed to do when we have no Alpha?!’’ ‘’Fight over it.’’ came her instant reply. ‘’W-What?’’ Her words left the middle-aged woman stunned. Her eyes filled with incredulity, staring closely at the beautiful young black-haired lady who uttered such absurd words, only to be seeing such gravity in her gaze. ‘S-She wasn’t joking…’ A shaky breath left her lips, her eyes trembling in realization. ‘’B-But…Y-You can’t…’’ She tried again, forcing a smile on her quivering lips. She hoped to hear that those words were a joke. Surely, one couldn’t be too heartless over thousands of werewolves. ‘’Oh, I am not joking.’’ Clover interrupted, returning the forced smile back to the middle-aged woman. Though hers was more natural and relaxed. It even had a hint of an amusement. Clover was greatly amused…No…these people really entertained her…to the point the pit of her stomach felt nauseated. Lead the same clan responsible for her darkest times? How shameless of their requests. ‘’Pardon my interruption.…’’ Her smile still remained tranquil though altered to an icy sneer. ‘’but you really don’t expect a woman like myself to have this clan under my lead….do you now?’’


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