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Soma Hoffer

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About me

Mother of four, living in New York. I love snowy weather and hot cappuccinos. My favorite genre to write is paranormal romance. Werewolves and vampires <3 <3


Mafia From New Moon To Full Moon
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  • ⭐ 8.0

Soon-to-be Alpha, Bobby, was more than just a regular shifter. On top of leading a powerful pack, his family had a powerful influence as one of Italy's most dangerous mafia leaders. Days before taking the title, Bobby's father finally comes clean with a secret he had tried to hide for way too long- Bobby had a daughter, and she was in danger. Bobby dropped everything and flew across the world to find her, but first, he had to locate the infamous woman he met for a one-night stand. Little did Bobby know that he wasn't the only Alpha, from an influential family, that set out to find the girl. When he finally finds his daughter, Bobby has to face the most terrifying thing he had ever seen, on top of that- dealing with repulsive forces of law and a mysterious woman.

Lycan Princess Fated Luna
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  • ⭐ 7.5

Moving to a city and opening a tea shop was a good idea or Soma thought. But that idea soon turned for the worst when a Detective named Marks a vampire targets her and puts her in the middle of a war between him and Oliver Stone, the Alpha of the Blood Moon pack. Oliver buys tea, and he is hit with Soma’s intoxicating scent exposing her as his mate. Detective Marks finds this out shortly after. Not wanting to scare her, Oliver wants to take it slow and introduce himself, but when Detective Marks burns her store down and almost kills her, Oliver is forced to expose his wolf side to save her. Will she accept him or reject him and run? Soma has to be intense otherwise she will lose her mate and her life, will she be able to stand up for herself when it comes down to it, or will she fail and watch her entire world die in front of her? Of course, Soma is going to be Luna, she is going to be a strong woman for her pack, of course, there are going to be attacks, pregnancy, and destiny coming into play too.


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