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Solomon Joshua Olumide

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About me

My name is Solomon Joshua Olumide and I am a passionate and dedicated writer with a strong interest in both fiction and non-fiction. I have a degree in English Literature from the University of Abuja, Nigeria and have been writing professionally since 2011.I have written on a wide range of topics, from politics to culture and lifestyle.


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  • 👁 553
  • 7.5

What actually makes the story attractive, is the 17-year-old Anna, an Orphan who was beaten by an Alpha werewolf with the intent of converting Anna to his dreaded and vengeful army. Unfortunately, she is captured by a Banshee and must put a stop to the reign of the last Alpha within seven days. 400 years back, there was a treaty signed between to worlds, the City of Vallout and the King of the Lycans, governed by King Vincent the Omega. This treaty was signed to end the lasting bloody war between the werewolves and Humans. Years later, when King Vincent's son, Drex, grew up and discovered that his mom was killed by the humans and not otherwise as his Dad told him. He tends to wage war against the City of Vallout. President Prescott, ruler of Vallout, who is mostly seen as a 'weak president' by the people, orders King Vincent to get his troops to get Drex out of Vallout before 7days. He does this in a bid to avert the a bloody wars between the Humans and werewolves insight. The book spans through only 8days, but sometimes snaps us back-in-time to study the ways of the werewolves, tell stories of the early Alpha-werewoves, who they were, what their powers are, why they are almost extent, why their powers are forbidden for an ordinary werewolf to posses, and also about the 400 years ago bloody wars. Anna is walked through this process by Black Widow, a Banshee, the ex-boyfriend to Drex and the commander of the King Vincent werewolves arm. All in a bid to aid Anna master her powers, and join hands in putting an end to Drex mischief before Day 7.


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