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Shruti Omar

  • 👁 24.3K
  • 7.5
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Five Weeks
  • 👁 13.8K
  • 7.5

Anahita Maurya is the modern image of the independent, liberated girl with equally modern family background. Despite this, she is betrothed to her father's best friend's son, Yuvraaj, who knows nothing but to get under her skin. She clearly despised his presence in her life and adamantly employs all the devices to get out of his vice clasp. Even if this means getting a boyfriend and defiant her family. Now, she has successfully involved herself in a relationship and Yuvraaj has chosen the exact moment to turn her world upside down. From persuasion to rebellion, all the measures have been plied. Finally, headstrong and ball-breaking Anahita decides to elope on the eve of her wedding. Except, her boyfriend never turns up.

The Best Match
  • 👁 10.5K
  • 7.5

When twenty-four years old software engineer, Shree Jaisingh is proposed to marry an equally talented, young, and fortunate, multi-millionaire of the year, Abhimanyu Singh Chauhan, she doesn't think twice and nods her head in a yes, allowing their families to fast forward the wedding preps. The handsome heartthrob is best for her. Or, so her family tells her. Even though monogamy is a tough call, she takes the leap of faith and puts on a bridal dress, ready to walk down the aisle. Only to find the man they call 'perfect' has more secrets than he bothers to tell. Abhimanyu is a cold, dangerous businessman who has reasons behind everything. Will he make her regret her decision or will he really prove out, as they call him, the best match?


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