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I am an novel writer who loves to write what's on my mind. I can assure you anyone that all my novels are all original. If you want to know more about me, just reach me out of private message.


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Shame on the family, blackship, street kids, going in and out of jail, a b*st*rd. Those are just some of the nicknames people have for him. He doesn't care what they say to him because he doesn't step on anyone. He lives a noble life. Whether he goes in and out of jail with his friends is part of their job as agents. They belong to an undercover organization. In other words, they are undercover agents. Him, Mundo, Ron-Ron and Bong-Bong. He is Luther Bartholome. Jolbon Xavier raised him. A rich businessman. But at a young age he left her. He and his friend left with him. From Manila, he and his friend moved to Baguio City to their Boss Jolbon's best friend. Unbeknownst to them, he talked to his friend to welcome them. Let's finish the study. They graduated from college with a Criminology course and passed the exam. They will return to Manila again and will be lucky to enter an organization of undercovers. Unbeknownst to them it belongs to the people who raised them. None of them know who the Big Bosses are. Friends Jhay-R Andaya and Jolbon Xavier. Former law enforcement officers in the military division. But when they retired they set up an undercover organization. They went in and out of the jail because they wanted to get information on the corruption going on in the Left Wing Jail. As they go in and out of it they will land on the last person they want to see Skyler Xavier. The son of the one who raised them but they didn't know this in jail but they are already outside. Unexpectedly there was a young woman shooting at LWJ. In the meantime, due to the loss of the lead actor of the movie they are going to make, Mariz, the girl talked to the director that they will find a way. Perhaps because of the desire of the movie director to finish the movie without any trouble, he agreed to Mariz Kaye's suggestion. They searched among the prisoners for someone who looked and had the same body as the missing lead actor. And because the setting of part of the movie is also in jail, they talked to the jail warden. He agreed wholeheartedly. So Luther and his mortal enemy, Skyler, entered the scene because it was the perfect match for the lead actor who suddenly disappeared. Months will pass and their paths will cross again. Mariz Kaye's bag was snatched while she was walking in Manila Bay. Since they witnessed the incident as friends, they did not hesitate to help him. They chased the snatchers and returned the girl's bag. That was the beginning of their friendship until it ended in love. Thinking that Mariz's parents and ancestors would object to their relationship, they decided to get married secretly. They went to Albay. Here they built their family. Because of Luther's love for his wife, he fulfilled Mariz's dream of living a simple and quiet life. Using the money saved from working, Luther bought a large farm and that's how he and his wife got rich together with their friends. But soon Luther will confess to Mariz the true character, the true job. But he was very surprised when he said he knew about that. Call of duty, they will return to Manila again after more than a year. In order not to harm the mother-in-law, he delivered it to the home of his in-laws. He didn't want to, but when he promised to finish the remaining work in one year, he couldn't do anything but agree. He watches them every day from not far from the house. But unexpectedly he will be revealed and will know his true personality. He has a family, he has parents, and most of all he will know that his real father is none other than his Boss. Jolbon Xavier. He is said to be the last royal heir of Thailand. Pure blue blood runs through his blood because he is Aaroon Sud Xavier. The sole heir of Xavier Training Industry throughout Thailand. In the heat of his head, he rushed at the other person who raised and educated their friends. Jhay-R Andaya. But what he thought was just nonsense was confirmed by this. He is the real son of Jolbon Xavier not Skyler Xavier. This is said to be the son of his conscious mother but disappeared like a ball. This is what they entrusted to raise him. In return, Jolbon must also bring his son Stephen. This is said to have given the name Skyler Xavier. Wanting to protect him. He thought that was the only thing that would shock his world, but when he rushed to Baguio, the savage step-brother of his real father landed in the country. Because it found out that the person it had been looking for for many years was in the country. It needs to bring any of the other fathers back to Thailand to unfreeze XTI's assets. But since it could not succeed in abducting one of their father and son, it will try to take away his few-month-old baby. But he won't agree! He will follow him, blow up his private plane that is at a helipad in Manila. There will be a heated battle between the Filipino policemen, undercover team against the Thailanders or the group of Ram Xavier who is Jolbon's step-brother. The whole group will die, including this one. But when they think that everything is okay, then they will meet father and son. But in the middle when they answered father and son, Luther noticed what had happened to his mother and daughter. He did not hesitate to embrace them. The three bullets it released hit him. Even so, his savage uncle ended up dead because his surrounding personnel from the BAKAL NA REHAS TEAM and the police ended up killing him. He thought that was the only secret he would discover but he was wrong. As soon as he was in the hospital, he found out that their two Big Bosses were none other than his own father and his best friend. Even though he couldn't believe it, he didn't do anything either. He just patched up the events. That's when he understood why his friends took such care of him since he was a child. With the cooperation of the Philippines Authority with the Thailand Authority, Jolbon Xavier's name was cleared. Especially the wealth named after Aaroon Sud Xavier will return to normal. When they all thought that the surroundings were okay, then Skyler's true desire came out. Despite knowing the truth about their personality, it took advantage of the loss of their Boss, Jolbon, who went to Thailand to fix everything. It reigned supreme in their organization. His friends removed them as well as his staff BAKAL NA REHAS TEAM. Since his father was not there, his best friend revealed the truth in front of their co-workers that they are the Big Bosses and that he is the sole heir of their Boss because he is Luther Bartolome or Aaroon Sud Xavier, his royal birth name. But instead of accepting it, Skyler chose to fight. It killed each other and in the end it was the two of them who fought but evil never wins. Because Skyler chose to fight, he also died from the gun of Luther or Aaroon Sud Xavier. With the length and many things they and their spouses have gone through, it will also end up being a church wedding. And will live quietly in Thailand with their four children except for the eldest because he chose to live in the country with his grandfather. And they live happily ever after.


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