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I'm Shades. A fiction and non fiction writer


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  • Author: Shades
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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“I'm pregnant and it's for you.” Her eyes were shut as she finally made the statement. Cold air descended in the room as she opened her eyes to stare at Jack who looking at her dead in the eyes. “What?” He finally asked after staring at her and she gulped before responding. “I'm pregnant." She replied, more boldly. “Over a month gone.” She added and she noticed his jaw tighten. His face hardened, making her more nervous. Sighing loudly, he took his hand to his hair and racked his hand through it. “Has the doctor confirmed it?" He asked, refusing to believe that she was truly pregnant. “I want to be in my child's life.” he stated lowly and she turned sharply to stare at him like the words pricked her like needles. Jack Antonio is the youngest and most eligible bachelor in the city. During one of his visits to his favorite bar, he comes across Karen, and her image sticks in his mind forever. They get into a one night stand few weeks later, and now, she wants billionaire, but it's not just for love. Karen smith is a 24 year old blogger and journalist. After being kicked out from the firm where she worked, she's left unemployed and realizes that she has to use someone to get to the top so she turns to the one person nearby… But, things get messy when feelings get involved. Jack finds, out, and leaves, but by then, there's already a baby involved. He fights to get her and the child back, but then, her ex is back, and he came to fulfill his promise years ago. A love triangle emerges. Karen is in the midst of two billionaires. One, she has a child for, and the other, a past.


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