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Seeylah Kamal

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About me

I'm Seeylah Kamal, a creative writer who is passionate about sports.


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Temi, a confident black lady meets David, an arrogant black billionaire CEO when she applies for the post of a P. A. in his company, and sparks fly between them at first sight. Though neither of them chooses to acknowledge it, the love and passion between them are blazing too much to be quenched. When they do, they encounter problem after problem when their past loves and flings try to come between them. Will they be able to overcome all their problems or will they let the problems overwhelm them to the extent of giving up? Read on to find out.

When There Is Magic
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Matilda woke up with a pounding headache. She looked around and found herself in a place that looked like a stone bridge. Where am I? she wondered. Where is this place? It looks strange. The dress Matilda was putting on looked strange to her. She looked down at it. It was green, with a cinched waistline and it billowed out till it reached her ankles. It had lace trimmings on the sleeves and the hem. Even the footwear looked our of place. It was a flat sandal with ropes that were almost up to her knees. Is this a costume? Who is playing pranks on me? She thought. She tried to stand up but she could not. Her whole body ached. Somehow, she looked smaller but she couldn't seem to place it. "Who is here? I need help!" she cried out but there was no answer. Matilda tried to remember how she had gotten here and the memories came flooding back. Matilda, a young lady in Oxford comes across a poem that transports her to another era and changes her life forever. In this strange era, sh encounters challenges in which she has never dreamt of facing before. Will she overcome them or will she let them overwhelm her? Read this amazingly spellbinding story to find out.


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