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Samantha Sanders

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About me

I love reading werewolves novels on all the platforms! I was talking to my husband about writing and how I would have dreams about so many book ideas. He told me that I should put those dreams to reality and write. I am not the best, but over time I hope to create some masterpieces. I am always open to feedback and recommendations.


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  • 👁 1.8K
  • 7.5

POV: Rasheed I have been going back and forth weather to call Gianna and invite her to the ceremony. I’ve decided to call and stop fearing the rejection. I grab my phone and wait for her to answer. “Hello?” her angelic voice comes through the speaker. “Gianna its Rasheed, I was wondering if you could spear me a few moments of your time.” I ask “Of course, anything for you, your majesty” she says. “First while speaking to me in private no titles are needed, please address me by Rasheed. The next thing I wanted to ask is if you are available next week to accompany me to my King ceremony?” I ask and I am sweating profusely. “Like as a date? I thought you had a chosen mate you would be taken. I am already coming to your event. My father said since I am almost the Alpha that it is only right for me to partake in the event. So, I would love to come, as far as your date I think it would be wise if I just came alone and you take your chosen mate.” I feel rejected and hurt, but I am glad that she made me see how messy it would be for me to bring another date when my pack is aware of Octavia as my possible chosen mate. POV: Gianna I can’t believe he called and asked me to be his date. My face heats and I feel a pull in my lower region of my belly. The ceremony is tonight, and I was just about to start getting ready. I go and grab my green and black dress out the closet. It’s always good to wear the colors of the pack you are going to. I have a green satin off the shoulder dress with black lace overlay. Its long-sleeved black lace is the icing on the cake. I cannot believe how sophisticated it looks. I decided to leave my hair simple and leave it curly with it pinned behind my ears, I do a quick light makeup, I am just about done when Storm walks in. “Hey girly how’s it going?” she asks. She is so preoccupied with her phone she didn’t even look up. When she gets all the way in, she looks up and drops her phone. “D*mn Gia, you know you look smoking hot right now.” She stammers. I giggle and ask her to help zip me up. She obliges and then helps me with my shoes. What a great Gamma. I am blessed she is not only my Gamma, but also my best friend/ sister-in-law. Aaron is one lucky guy. Dad links me says it’s time to go. I am walking down the stairs when I look up and see my parents with glistening eyes. “Wow Gianna Antonia Federico you are stunning!” Mom beams. “Look at my beautiful daughter, so grown up” Dad wipes away a stray tear. POV: Rasheed Anxiety courses through me and I don’t know if it is because I am going to be crowned King or because I am going to see her tonight. I start putting my tux on, I hate that I must wear one. I’m have a more laid-back style, but I am not going to go against my father today. I finish putting my all-black tux on and I must say I look good. I finish it off with an emerald- green tie and pocket square. Sorry dad, but I am wearing my custom black and green Jordan sixes. I go find Octavia before the ceremony, and I see what she has on. I am in utter shock. She has on pink fluff short dress looking like a d*mn flamingo. Why on earth would she wear such an ugly dress and pink at that? I shake it off and take her hand. We walk to the doors, and she whispers in my ear. “Ready King Rasheed, I can’t wait to be your Queen!” she tries to sound seductive, but it only makes me stomach churn. After I am introduced, I drop her off at our table and start walking around greeting people. Not wanting to introduce Octavia as my future Queen until after the Red Moon Party. I smell vanilla cupcakes and I know my Gia has arrived. I follow the scent and it feels as if the wind has been knocked out of me. The beauty this woman has is undeniable. Her gown is my packs colors, and it is form fitting it hugs every curve of her body, the off the shoulder is perfect for me to have access to her porcelain neck. I growl as a man approaches her. When she takes her focus off the man our eyes lock and everyone disappears. My father hand on my shoulder brings me out of my daze. “Beautiful, isn’t she?” He nods towards Gianna. “Absolutely ravishing.” I beam back. “It’s time son, time for you become King.” He smiles widely. “Thank you all for gathering here tonight on this joyous occasion. I have ruled over the werewolf Kingdom for the last twenty- two years. I am honored to now pass this honor to my son. He has been pushed to his limits and surpassed my demands as King of the Werewolves.” Dad goes on and on for another ten minutes. “Son, please come here….” He says. I walk over to where my father is standing and face him. “I Lincoln Nickolas Jones King of all Werewolves relinquish my title to my first born. My Son and new King of all Werewolves Rasheed Michael Jones.” My dad slashes his palm first then mine, are blood mixes into the goblet and I instantly feel a rush. I am overwhelmed by all the voices invading my head, I take a step back; my head is dizzy and as I am falling off the stage, I smell vanilla cupcakes. I hit something so soft and comforting. When I finally came to, I opened my eyes to Gianna holding me in her embrace on the floor. “I’m so sorry your majesties, I just couldn’t let King Rasheed fall.” she says. “It’s quite alright Alpha Gianna, I know who will have my son’s back when and if the time comes.” Dad smiles down at her.


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