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Sam Reigns

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When Pegatron Technologies develops a Brain-Computer Interface technology (BCI), its popularity instantly blows up. The BCI has the ability to link any living thing with a brain to a special computer, with additional functions of remote control and unlimited access to memories. As such, a large number of institutions ranging from national governments, military to privately owned companies, place their bids to acquire the new-age technology. However, despite the shocking amount of cash they offer, the billionaire and scientist heading Pegatron Technologies, Robert Jenkins, refuses to sell it. He genuinely believes that some individuals only want the technology for evil principles, contrary to what it was invented for – aiding in neurosurgery. His blunt stance does not abide well with a portion of the bidders. Consequentially, his whole family begin getting death threats from anonymous persons. Robert Jenkins doubles up his household security detail but though vetted, they do not really have his trust. His family’s security is paramount and despite the perilous moments they undergo, his ultimate wish is to keep it safe. He decides to make that one phone call to an old friend. Trained proficiently in martial and medical arts ever since he was young, Michael Lee is suddenly brought out from the mountains. With an overly mysterious background, he is to act as the bodyguard to Charlotte Jenkins, the billionaire’s daughter. His stint in the city sees him uncover multiple threats and treacheries in Pegatron industries making him a person of value.


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