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  • Author: Saggi1898
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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I was walking towards the university restaurant before it closed for the day, as I wanted to have my favourite ice cream suddenly someone put his foot, right where I was about to step in because of which I panicked and fell on the hard surface, moreover my glasses left my eyes and fell on the ground. I was struggling to get my glasses but I saw the guy whose name was Murphy picking them up and dangling around. He always bullied me whenever he could. I never understood why he would pick on me. “Do you want this, Nerd? Come kiss me and I will give it to you.” He said with mockery. I looked around for help and tried to get up but I had hit my leg badly when I fell so I couldn’t move my leg. I struggled and hit him with my fists but he laughed. “You dumb girl, why are you trying to resist, be glad that, I am going to kiss you and turn an ugly duckling like you into a princess ” Saying that he bent his face towards me. I felt disgusted and wanted to puke on his face and tried to move my face away from his face but he grabbed my chin and made me look at him. My whole body trembled because of the pain in my leg as I struggled to move back. I lifted my hands to push him away. But all of a sudden his weight was lifted away from me and I saw him being pushed on the ground while a hand grasped my arm and pulled me up. I looked up in surprise only to see a dark pair of eyes looking at me with concern and my heart started beating rapidly....

Book cover

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