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S. Alexander

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Crescent Moon Alphas
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Torn between two alphas, I must choose: my heart or my duty. The fate of two rival packs rests in my hands—and my heart. As the fabled "Crescent Moon," born of forbidden love, my destiny has always been intertwined with the alphas of the Moonshadow and Silverfang packs. But when the truth of my identity comes to light, hidden enemies emerge to manipulate my fate. Torn between the love of my destined mate and the captivating alpha who has captured my soul, every choice I make could lead to unity or destruction. The future of werewolf-kind depends on who I choose: the alpha I was born to love, or the one who loves me as I am. With mysterious powers I barely understand and a secret that could shatter the truce between packs, following my heart may be the biggest risk of all. But in the end, my power has always been my ability to love without limits. I just have to trust that love will be enough to change the course of destiny—and save those I hold dear. The fate of our kind starts and ends with me, as I stand at the crossroads that will define our future...and choose my one true alpha mate.


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