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Ritsa Chrysostomou

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  • 👁 4.4K
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“Stop messing with me, poor Omega! Who gave you the right to throw yourself at me?” Daniel growled, pinning me to the wall, his hands around my throat and his canines grazing the soft skin of my neck.  “Omega? Have you forgotten that your father promoted me to Gamma, my Alpha?” I whispered breathlessly, trying to control my raging heart. “Gamma? You are still a pathetic Omega to me, mutt! So keep your filthy hands off me and stay the f*ck out of my way,” he barked in my face. Daniel’s eyes revealed nothing but anger and disgust when he pushed away from me and, ignoring my tears, he left to look for his girlfriend. Aria is the current Moon Goddess. After years of mending others' lives and arranging their bonds, she wants to be reborn to live a happy life with her mate and child, ruining the plans of the evil Alpha Erick who killed both her and Daniel in her past life. To do so, she has to pay a price. She must be reborn as an Omega and fight for Daniel’s heart. He doesn't recognize her, affected by the spell the replacement Moon Goddess casts on Aria and him. Daniel is a strong and respected Alpha. He is loyal to his girlfriend, Lea, and plans to accept her as his Luna after taking the Alpha position from his father. The young Omega’s efforts to get close to him irritate Daniel, who humiliates her and forbids her from getting close to him. What will happen when Daniel’s father forces him to marry Aria after she saved his brother's and mother’s lives? Is Daniel going to accept his unforeseen Luna? Is Aria going to accept the way Daniel treats her, or will she regret her decision to be reborn and walk away from him?


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