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I'm a writer in various platforms with different names but same stories.


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  • Author: Resurgence
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 334
  • 7.5

Oleya finds it difficult to be the least favorite and priority. She grew up yearning for her parents' attention and love, which she was denied. She grew up feeling the need to please everyone in order to be enough and not be compared to her twin. But when she realized that pleasing them wouldn't be enough to make them love her the way her parents loved her twin, she decided to call it quits and move on with her life. She was happy. She made genuine friends who genuinely cared and loved her. She also met the man who would complete her. The man who keeps her safe in his arms. But then tragedy struck, destroying their relationship. She had lost a life that had broken both her and her love of life. They split up. And that's when everything began to crumble around her. She pleaded and knelt. She lowered her dignity numerous times to beg for his forgiveness. But he moved on while she was still mourning in the dark. Worst of all, he is marrying her twin sister. One fateful night changed their lives forever. She left to move on and reclaim herself. And when she returned, she was ready to confront the people who had caused her so much pain. And do you want to know something else? Oh. Her ex simply ran back to her as if nothing had happened. As if he didn't call her names all the time. The question is whether she will give in and simply forgive and forget. But how can she forget when someone close to her becomes a constant reminder of what happened that night? About that last night, which she can't seem to forget because the only reminder is still with her. That's their daughter. The lovely fruit of what happened last night.


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