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A new writer on good novel, joyread. I've a lot going through this mind.


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  • Author: Rakel
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  • Age Rating: 18+
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Aiden flea, a ruthless Alpha, who's ready to kill at anytime with no mercy, and at the same time sad and heartbroken. He became a late night drunkard, ruthless egoistic freak after the one he loved and wishes to spend the rest of his life with broke him, and ran away with another man. After that he didn't want to have anything to do with women again, but the moon goddess have different ways of playing with fate. "This must be a joke. The moon goddess must be playing tricks on me." He whispered as he kept looking at the girl. How could his wolf recognized another woman as mate. And how could it be a weak wolfless Omega. Amelia Savage, an adopted girl from the Omega family of the shadowmoon pack. She had always been happy with her family, despite the fact that they were omegas, and she doesn't have a wolf, but it all changed when her father blamed her for her mother's death. She worked as a maid from one house to the other, trying to bring food to the table for her family, but her life took a turn again when she realized her wolfless self was mated to the Alpha of the shadowmoon pack, who doesn't want to see her, nor does he wants to let her go. Different spark of passion, want, ignites as the possessive wolf couldn't deny the attraction of the mate bond, but when his former lover was brought into the picture, tension rises as there are more secrets lurking in the dark. Don't miss. The series of the triplets of the shadowmoon pack. First book: Mated to the wolfless Omega: second chance mate. Second book: The cursed beta. Third book: Playboy's human mate


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