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A writer who loves to create stories and read thriller, fantasy, and romance books.


The Miracle of You
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Michael McGregor is one of the most prominent and successful businessmen in the country. He is also one of the most sought-after bachelors in the city. Both men and women wonder why he remains single and unmarried in his thirties. In truth, for fourteen years, Michael McGregor has never stopped trying to find his first love back in high school, the beautiful and intelligent Hailey van Gowen. When he finally locates her one day, he’s in for the shock of his life. Hailey has changed her identity and is now going by the name of Camille Parker. Not only that, but she is also the personal secretary of Christian Callahan, Michael’s strongest competitor in the shopping mall industry. Later on, Michael discovers that there’s another secret that Camille’s been hiding, one that ties her personally to Christian Callahan…

A Piece of Your Heart
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Julia Simmons was a woman who worked hard for her family’s future. In order to take care of her ailing parents and younger brother, she gave up college and began working multiple jobs to make ends meet. It was the day when she first met Nathaniel Adams that her life changed forever. Nathaniel Adams was the mysterious, hidden CEO of a famous gaming company with office branches around the world and overwhelming international success. He had never shown his face in public, however. But even with his wealth and achievements, Nathan became increasingly depressed and longed for affection. He met Julia by chance in a bar where she often sang. Captivated by her voice, Nathan became interested in her and chose to hide his identity for a while. When he started getting to know Julia, he quickly discovered that she was smart, independent, and hardworking, which only increased his admiration for her. When he learned of her financial instability, he offered her a deal: he would buy her time, and in return, she would accompany him as a friend. However, spending so much time together, even though it was a monetary transaction, would often lead to the development of feelings. It was then that Julia realized that her decision not to give Nathan her heart wasn’t as easy as she had thought it would be.

A Heart For The Heartless
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Mikhail Ivanov was the most powerful vampire in the city of Azallea. He was known to be cold, ruthless, and skilled, which made him the subject of fear and admiration from both humans and supernaturals. However, with great power came several enemies seeking to ruin his reputation and take his life. The problem was that he had no known weaknesses. Until one day, when Cassy Lenoir came into his life. That fateful night, Mikhail discovered something surprising. Cassy was his human mate, and she was bleeding to death. After healing her with his vampire blood, he took her to his home and made her be his woman for three months. Was a vampire truly heartless? Mikhail would soon discover that he was, indeed, capable of love. And Cassy was the woman who would show him that he had a heart deep inside him, after all.


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