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Sorina S. Gyles

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About me

Formally known as Queen-of-Sarcasm-18. I write Billionaire Romance, Dark Romance and Historical Romance. Although, there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to pen all the ideas I daydream about. I am excited to pursue my dream of being a full time author, and I look forward to hearing from my readers and fellow authors.


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Thrown into the arms of a nameless stranger on a desperate night. Riley did what she thought she’d never do consensually—give her body to a man she did not know and could not possibly trust—for money. A man that ignited hidden desires and unknown pleasures. Happy to bid him farewell for there was no world in which they could co-exist. Not with her past looming over her head. Crisis averted and her future seemed secure That is until that nameless stranger graced the University grounds she’d just enrolled in. Draven Thorn despised his newest mission. Undercover as a lecturer? No, he’d much preferred to carry out his tasks hidden and in the dark. Yet he found himself intrigued by the knowing, anxious gaze he’d been receiving on the part of one of his students. He didn’t know her…did he? And yet something about her tugged at some secreted memory, one fighting to escape but was shrouded in illusions and darkness. Tune in as the pair attempts to balance their passion, past and prejudices in a dark twisted romance. Teaser: *~Riley~* “You want me, don’t you?” A simple question that warranted a simple answer. A simple ‘no’ from Draven would put this insipid burning in my chest to rest. It would. It had to and I focused on that; on the hope that whatever this was between us would dissipate with a simple negation from his end. Simple. “Should I have had you checked for a head injury?” he scoffed, a swift blow that knocked the wind out of my lungs and I realised I had been holding my breath. My lips parted, and my chest heaved, working overtime to replenish my body’s oxygen from those few moments of starvation. I marvelled at the darkness shadowing his eyes and my lips curled upwards as my blood oozed an intoxicating mix of spite and adrenaline. A combination that loosened my tongue and my inhibitions. Steeling my spine, I stepped forward, invading his space, oblivious to the eyes that were thrown our way. Or was I imagining that? Draven didn’t budge, a perfectly shaped brow elevated as he considered my movement with little interest. There wasn’t a single flicker of emotion to cross his features, not even that Godforsaken misleading smile made an appearance and I knew. I was under his skin. I had never been more certain. That smile was his armour, a perfectly set trap to mislead his prey into a false sense of security. It never slipped, not that I ever noticed and I could only assume that he was not pretending at this moment. This was the truest form of his reaction, of his feelings. I kept his gaze, craning my neck to accommodate for our height difference, my lips elevated towards his and he remained painfully still, regarding me with indifference and something else sparking behind those dead eyes. “Then you’ve no reason to threaten any man I may find interesting.” I breathed the words slowly, erotically.


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