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Priyal Dessai

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"I, Alec Tawr of Lunar Crest pack, reject you, Elara Wildewood, of Lunar Crest pack," he utters, his voice cutting through the silence. The words sear into my soul, and my heart shatters, broken pieces scattering within me. The pain consumes me, wrapping its icy tendrils around my spirit. “Why?” I ask, letting out a painful cry as my knees give away and I collapse to the floor. Does he think that I agreed to marry Prince Magnus willingly? That I don’t wish to be with him? “Why?” I repeat. He blinks and I see him shiver as he clenches his jaw. “Just accept the rejection, El. Make it stop,” he says, his voice sharp and hard. I allow myself to cry, letting the tears cascade down my cheeks until I’m a sobbing mess. “I can’t. I want you.” He clutches his chest and I hate to see him hurting. “It’s not possible. Please accept the reception.” And so I do it. “I, Elara Wildewood of Lunar Crest pack, accept your rejection.” ---- Elara Wildewood knows her life is doomed when she is forced to step in as the substitute bride for Magnus Blackwell, the disabled and cruel Prince of Caelondor. After she is rejected by her mate, she has no choice but to accept her fate. However, after she's wed, she finds out that the truth is not as it seems and the grand palace of Caelondor holds a lot more intrigue and secrecy than she anticipated earlier. Trapped in a web or lies and deception, Elara decides to take control of her life and trains to become stronger. As she gains the admiration of her court, she also attracts the Prince attention's who will stop at nothing to keep her safe.


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