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[Mature Content] Peace will never prevail over Rothnia until blood has been spilled, the prophecy said. And for peace, Kieran Allendale, the King of Rothnia, must sacrifice his people or his love. With all the dark forces coming out of their hibernation, Kieran has to make a choice all over again. But amidst the danger, there lies a hidden enemy with an entirely different agenda that would crumble Kieran's world completely. How will Kieran overcome the precarious situation? Will he be able to save his love as well as his subjects? But before that, will he get the love he has been seeking for a long time? ------------------------------------------------------ Meanwhile, Irene finds herself in a strange land after an accident, and since then, her life has been anything but normal. Having no idea where she is and how she got there, Irene is now in another body, who everyone addresses as Sylvaine. And to her horror, the land is dominated by creatures she once considered a fantasy. Desperate to return to her old life, she tries everything she can, only to meet the man who has been haunting her dreams even before she became Sylvaine. Who is he, and what does he want from her? Why is he so mysterious and dark and possessive about her? All Irene wants is to get away from him, but the man has other intentions: To make her his for eternity. --------------------------------------------------------- "I finally found you, sweetheart." The man whispered, trapping the girl in his arms. His dark, red eyes twinkled in happiness, his longing for her evident on his face. "Why did you make me wait this long, dear?" But the girl in his arms was lost in her thoughts to answer him. 'Isn't he the same man I met in my dreams? What is he doing here, and what is this place?' She tried to escape from him, causing the man to tighten his embrace. "Now that I have you where I want you to be, I'll never let you go, darling. You are mine and I'll cherish you for life."


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