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Phoenix Van

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About me

My name is Phoenix Van. I am a female and 22 years old. I am a Nigerian. I started writing in the year 2012. I'm a student.. I have worked for companies example, Goodnovel, Moboreader, Fizzo, Bravonovel, Hinovel, Light Reader and Anystories in the past years.


  • 👁 92
  • 7.5

Christina, a 23-year-old orphan, gets devastated as she gets rejected from several firms where she attended interviews and submitted her job application letter. She thinks it's the end of the road for her until she crosses paths with a billionaire CEO, Gavriel Seamus, who is ruthless and awful. She ruins Gavriel in public and he promised to make her pay. He gives her an offer to work as his secretary but sign her entire life over to him. Will she accept the billionaire's offer? Even if she accepts his offer, will she be able to endure the billionaire's ill treatment?


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