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Peculiar Joseph

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About me

I am a 20 year old University undergraduate. My hobbies includes reading, writing, dancing and singing. In fact, I'm artistic. Anything that has to do with arts, including performing arts, piques my interest. My journey into creative writing began in 2020, since then I have continuously and passionately developed my writing skills till this point. I'm still learning and developing my writing skills to become a better and bigger ambassador of creativity.😊


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  • 👁 2K
  • 8.7

Rated 16+ This content contains slightly adult themes (s*x, violence, alcohol, gambling, etc) that aren't as graphic as explicit-rated content. Such content is shown at a low frequency or in several chapters in a row. Layla Luther is the only daughter, and last child of the Lutheran family, a highly reputed family in the fictional county of Palmdale and beyond. Being the only Omega in the Silver Moon pack, she's often overlooked by her parents, and seen as weak, at the same time, constantly bullied and maltreated by her elder brothers. She soon realizes that her and her supposed mate, Jacob Calvin are not meant to be, since his family pack, known as the Crystal Crescent are actually enemies of the Silver Moon pack, and she is being used as a medium to settle the historical dispute between the two packs. The Silver Moon pack pushes her to the Crystal Crescent pack by telling her she is meant for Jacob Calvin, and therefore she belongs to the Crystal Crescent pack. She catches Jacob cheating, and without remorse, he opens up about her not being his actual mate, and was just being used by her family to settle an unending rival, since she's considered worthless. In pain and anger, she leaves Palmdale and heads to Westwoods, where she feels the mate bond, and in no time becomes mated to Alpha Hermes who recently recovered from the grief of loosing his former mate. With the help of Alpha Hermes, she becomes a thoroughly feared Lunar in the county of Palmdale. But things are about to change when her rich family, seeks to come back into her life. It get worse when she realizes that the Silver Moon pack are behind Alpha Hermes grief, as they had slaughtered his former mate and the late Lunar of the Desert Wolf pack. Would she choose the Silver Moon pack over the Desert wolves?


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