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  • Author: PaPillon
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 97
  • 7.5

To save the family business from bankruptcy, Carmen was forced to marry a paralyzed and blind man in exchange for an investment in her father's business. Her early marriage to Felix was terrible but she held on. He had not stopped telling her that he already had someone in his heart because he too had not wanted this marriage. At first, she didn't care about it, but when she started to have feelings for him, this sentence became the most poignant of her life. Following Hugo's advice, she put Felix at ease and managed to enter his world. The two of them grew closer and she helped him agree to have surgery to regain his sight and mobility in his legs. The same day he regained his sight, she was so happy for him that they just went out together to celebrate, but that same evening, everything changed after he met a woman. “This woman has things in common with my ex-fiancée who I have been looking for for a long time. I pray it’s her.” Carmen had been in pain but told herself that it didn't matter because he was certainly looking for her in order to ask her for explanations but after that night, he had become distant with her. The unpleasant man she had once known was back and she was able to measure hismonstrosity the night he slept with this woman in their apartment and on the bed she shared with him. Betrayed and hurt, she asked him for a divorce and decided to leave, hoping he could at least hold her back but he seemed quite happy.Three months later, she was passing in a street when a child insisted that she buy his newspaper that he was selling. She wasn't used to it but for a child, she made the gesture and the headline was what paralyzed her on the spot. “After three years where everyone thought he had lost his life in a traffic accident, billionaire Elio Ramirez is back and has been living all this time under the false identity of Felix Alvarez.”


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