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Pany Akpabio

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Joseph, a student in Mr. Noel's class, possesses a unique ability to enter and explore his dreams. Alongside his friends Clement, Seth, and Lemuel, Joseph embarks on a captivating journey through the dream realm. They encounter the Dream Master, who guides them to understand the power and meaning behind their dreams. Empowered by their newfound knowledge, Joseph and his friends become dream guardians, helping others unlock the potential of their dreams and overcome self-doubt. They travel far and wide, inspiring dreamers from various backgrounds to embrace their passions and unleash their creativity. Despite facing challenges and doubts, Joseph and his friends persevere, witnessing the transformative impact of their work. Their mission extends beyond themselves as they foster a global community of dreamers, weaving a tapestry of hope, unity, and limitless possibilities. Ultimately, they realize that dreams have the power to shape not only individual lives but also the destiny of the world.

Mom, you are Guilty too
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Kali's story is a heartbreaking account of the impact of irresponsible parenting and continuous pampering. As a child, Kali stole a bicycle, and instead of correcting him, his mother helped him hide the evidence. This set a pattern of complicity and lack of accountability. He later stole money, and his mother encouraged him to spend it, further reinforcing his belief that he could get away with anything. A significant turning point came when Kali stole a competition result, leading to an argument with his father and his departure. His mother's misguided support deepened his sense of entitlement and a lack of consequences. As he grew older, Kali's troubled teenage years transformed him into a malformed man, making poor choices without a moral compass. Despite the pain caused by his mother's negligence, Kali forgives her, acknowledging his own responsibility. He wishes for his letter to reach parents worldwide, emphasizing the vital role of education and responsible parenting in shaping individuals. Kali's story serves as a poignant reminder of the consequences of bad parenting and spoiling. It highlights the importance of discipline, guidance, and correction in a child's upbringing, urging parents to prioritize education and moral development to prevent the path of self-destruction that Kali experienced.


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