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Oluwanifemi.E. Odumosu

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Cara Bloom and Liam Johnson used to be college sweethearts until Liam's father offered to pay for her mother's treatment with the condition that she will end things with his son because he is to be married to the daughter of his business tycoon friend. She signed a contract of secrecy and took up his offer. Her mother is transferred to one of the best hospitals, meaning she had to leave for Boston. It was for her good especially after she ended things with Liam over a text and cut off all ties with him. After battling cancer for many years, her mother eventually goes home to rest for good. Her mother's best friend, Mrs Johnson sends her a mail saying the least she could do for her best friend’s daughter is make sure she's okay and that's why she has secured her accommodation and a job in Dublin. Cara Bloom doesn't think twice, she immediately takes the offer. After all, she wanted to leave and forget the sad memories that Boston held, and last she checked, Liam was already married with a child so his father had nothing to worry about. Besides, it's been 6 years since she left Ireland, he may not even remember her because she had changed her last name to her mother's name right before her passing, and she has so much changed since she left. She used to be skinny and was on red bangs but she had dyed her bob burnt orange, and had added weight to her hips, laps and bum. Liam agrees to help a certain person his mother kept disturbing him about by giving her a job and accommodation. He doesn't want to know whoever she is so long as he pleases his mother so she can get off his back on getting a mother figure for his daughter since he lost his wife 2 years ago. He appends his signature on the document for the accommodation and job offer drafted up by his assistant. Three weeks after offering the woman a job and accommodation, he comes home to find that the occupant has moved into the vacant house on his property. Instead of one of his many apartments in the outskirt of town which is closer to his company . He is furious with his assistant Veronica and goes to confront her as to why she mixed up the apartment, only to find out she followed his mother's instructions. Not long after, his new tenant drives in alongside a moving truck. He walks over to her car to stop her from offloading the rest of her things. Not only was he not expecting a young lady, but he also wasn't expecting to see Cara Rufus, the girl who shattered his heart into pieces over a text and disappeared from the face of the earth. He suddenly felt the need for revenge especially after seeing there was no sign of wedding bands on her finger. He would lead her on and break her heart just like she did.


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