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About me

Hello everyone, my name is Sun Jianan. I was born in Huai'an, Jiangsu province on the seventh day of the tenth lunar month in 1981. I graduated from the School of Food Science and Engineering of Wuhan Light Industry University. I have been fond of reading novels since I was a child, especially martial arts, science fiction, fantasy, immortal and historical novels, and I also have a certain understanding of traditional Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism culture. When I read more, I will try to write my own articles and poems. It include prose, short stories, his own wild conjecture; poetry includes traditional Chinese poetry and modern poetry. Hope that my novel can be liked by everyone! thanks!


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  • Author: O.K.SUN
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 651
  • 7.5

Amidst the wreckage of the Silver Star Empire's collapse, the flames of interstellar warfare have been kindled. Within the haze of battle, one figure emerges as a dancer of destiny, bearing numerous roles, yet only one resonates in memory – the name that sparkles across the cosmos: Rex. Once known asRex, he ascended to the ranks of the extraordinary, piloting colossal mechs across the interstellar battlegrounds like a falling meteor, causing waves of chaos. Yet, his destiny did not conclude there. He evolved into a genius mech engineer, crafting an art of war that captivated the entire universe. Taking on the mantle of a battleship captain, he steered countless vessels through the stars, a leader guiding the interstellar fleet. Embracing the role of a base founder, he constructed numerous foundations, weaving together the fabric of the interstellar realm like the bonds between stars. However, beneath the expansive starlit canvas, he was ultimately anointed as the King of the Stars – Rex. This name reverberated throughout the universe, akin to a radiant star, casting forth an unending brilliance. The radiance of the Star King became a legend rising amidst the flames of war, a belief shining within the chaotic cosmos. Beneath the stars, mech pilots valiantly clashed on the battlefield, modified individuals transformed into peerless warriors, genetic miracles subtly fermenting amidst the stars, the power of the extraordinary transcending mortal imagination, mechanical marvels leaving observers in awe, and fleet commanders brandishing the sword of destiny. Yet, in this boundless universe, a figure existed as brilliant as the stars – Rex. His life resembled a mysterious and splendid nebula, each identity a star system, collectively composing the cosmic epic of his legend. Ultimately, he became the King of the Stars, holding the fate of the interstellar in his hands, akin to the master of the universe. This narrative unfolds the legend beneath the stars, portraying Rex as extraordinary, a mech engineer, a battleship captain, a base founder, a librarian, and finally, the King of the Stars. In the aftermath of the Silver Star Empire's collapse, each ascent of his was a stellar flash, and each identity represented a miracle of the universe. Within this vast cosmos, Rex's name is akin to a perpetual legend, forever etched amidst the stars. The story's inception may depict Rex's initial awakening or the moment he stepped onto the interstellar battlefield. Irrespective, it marks the initiation of a legendary saga beneath the stars, the ascent of a Star King. Readers will witness Rex's extraordinary life on this cosmic stage, experience the grandeur of interstellar warfare, and feel the immortal legend beneath the starlit expanse.


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