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Nymeria Yennefer Roisin

  • 👁 32.6K
  • 7.5
  • 📚 3


The Blood Rose Lady (The Blood Rose saga #1)
  • 👁 10.6K
  • 7.5

Rozelyn found out she is a vampire when she turned eighteen. Her stepmom is secretly a vampire as well. Cyrill, her stepmom's adoptive son, is a werewolf behind the shadows. As she live the life of being a vampire, several people had come for her‚ including the infamous Blood Mistress, a witch who hunts vampires and werewolves. Rozelyn become more fascinated with the vampire life, especially when she found out that sex plays a huge role in a vampire's everyday living and it acts like blood: once they tasted it, they will crave for it even more. Will Rozelyn be able to voice out her secret love to Cyrill without risking the familial relationship they have built for years? Or will she watch her loved ones perish due to her identity as the most powerful vampire to ever live?Amidst all these, only one thing is certain: Blood is thicker than water‚ either literally or figuratively.

Wife for Hire
  • 👁 11.3K
  • 7.5

Wisdom Weisz lost her house and ten-month-old daughter in a fire in a single day. And what's worse is that on the same day, her husband was making love to her best friend in the latter's apartment without paying any sort of remorse for her. Frustrated, she was left jobless and spent her remaining money in a luxury hotel’s bar. With destiny as unpredictable as ever, she met the billionaire in the bar who she had already come across at various moments of her life. The man offered her a job called "Wife for Hire", meaning she will be his wife without any emotional attachments. If she accepts, the billionaire will pay her upfront with a hundred thousand dollars in her bank in just a blink of an eye.Wisdom eventually accepts as she deemed this as an opportunity for revenge on her former husband and best friend. As a whirlpool of emotions stirred and a web of conflicts weaved, Wisdom will soon find out that this job was not easy as she thought as her heart begins to fall for the man who had employed her to be his hired wife.

Paid to the Billionaire
  • 👁 10.7K
  • 7.7

Minerva was so close to tying the knot with her long-time boyfriend Derrick when an unexpected accident fatally killed him. Only five months before she'll give birth, she had to look for various jobs that can raise her and her upcoming child until she met Darwin Gray, the CEO of the biggest company in their city and happens to be Derrick's half-brother. She was skeptical at first to live with him until Darwin revealed that Derrick sold her to him to finance Derrick's gambling lifestyle.Minerva was heartbroken and was left with no choice but to be his Mrs. Gray. But, as the winds of fate change, Minerva will soon realize that one must never judge a book by its cover that despite Darwin's ruthless appearance lies a heart that has long been yearning for one true love.


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