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Arranged Marriage: CEO's Contract Wife
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I will give you everything, money, and luxury goods but with one laden.""What's that?""Marry me by the contract, and you will get whatever you want!"Adeline, a 21-year-old girl, is a medical student who can't afford her tuition.Smith is a 26-year-old man, CEO of a large company.Their relationship began in a contract marriage which was considered to be beneficial for both of them.As time went by, they seemed to have a tender feeling for each other. But at the same time, more secrets and problems from the past came to the surface, especially the appearance of Smith's ex that shook their relationship.Slowly Adeline started to waver, did she have to endure the cold of their "marriage"?

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Initially Sonia and Edward's marriage was happy because they both loved each other. They decided to have sex after officially getting married. But apparently Edward's ability in bed matters did not satisfy Sonia, it made her not in the mood to serve her husband. But Edward, who is highly educated and loves Sonia, obeys all the wishes of the girl he loves, even though he treats her arbitrarily. Until the temptation of marriage came, when Edward's brother named Steve came from Holland after studying there for a long time. Sonia felt that there was someone who could listen to her heart, namely Steve. In the end, the relationship between brother-in-law and sister-in-law had crossed the line of reasonableness. Sonia is more interested in Steve who can satisfy her bed matters. Then what about Edward, would he know? or can he accept and forgive Sonia?

The Ninth Wife of A Billionaire
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"Isn't it ridiculous? Who would marry a lame man?" "Even if he is not lame, no one wants to be his ninth wife!" "One Billion Prize For An One-Year Marriage" was an announcement posted on the wall of the University. It made Liona not think much about who she would marry. In other words, a sum of money could make her do anything.Who would have thought that the man, Lucas Fernando, she was going to marry was not a lame man?A successful man, the CEO of a big company, is ruthless and famous for being untouchable. Also, famous for his eight marriages. Liona hoped that one year would end soon so she could leave Lucas, but an unforgettable night changed everything. Why did Lucas get married eight times? Would Liona become his final wife or just one of his ex-wives?"


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