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Nicholas E Timm

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The Armoire Room
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  • 7.5

Set in a world where the life you lead may not be everything -- a place where lessons and love come one eternity at a time. Follow Nathan, an American GI stuck in the trenches during WWII, as he discovers death may not be as final as presumed. An eerie theater, a mysterious bar that holds more within itself than first meets the eye, and the most beautiful woman Nathan has ever laid eyes upon, Emma; all bombard him as he struggles to remember who he is. Do memories make the man, or is there something deeper? Something that can be the greatest good -- or the darkest evil? War ripped him apart; now those brutal memories are all that's left. Join Nathan as he struggles to unearth the mystery surrounding the strange world -- The Armoire Room. Will Nathan and Emma be able to save themselves before being overcome by darkness? Only time will tell -- and time can stretch for an eternity in The Armoire Room.


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