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Beyond the contract
  • Author: Neldia
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 329
  • 7.5

Everything had always come easy for Crystal. Her life was easy, loving parents and a brother who would stand by her through thick and thin. Unfortunately her life came crashing down when her parents died in an unfortunate car accident, following that, years later the heartless billionaire, Ryke Sterling forces her into a contract marriage. She tries to adjust to her new life as Ryke battles with his demons. She finds out a new world exists, one of sex, power, money and betrayal. Her once perfect life is completely turned upside down as it changes pattern like a kaleidoscope. Rykes demons of his past threaten to destroy everything he had built. He struggles to overcome them while trying to keep the walls he built around himself. He watches as she tries to peel the layers off him while battling with the biggest form of betrayal from the people she loved the most. He realizes that he can't move forward if he doesn't stop running and faces his past and without it, he can't have a future to look forward to. He knows he has to make a choice, either set Crystal who could possibly be his future or let his demons of his past consume them both. He fears he might ruin her but can you really ruin someone that already lived in ruins?


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