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Ndidi Otuya

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Meet me halfway
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Love heals, it gives love, in its most profound form, breathes forth life. love gives forth light. There is more to all Aine O' Connell ever knew, was ever sure of, especially with a past full of ghosts. The handsome Bryan Maher soon teaches her that. And perhaps, maybe, just God has other plans for Bryan as well? For there is more to the pain than torment. there is more to the heartbreak than destruction, And there is more to the sorrow than weeping. Shalom.

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So this is the way of it? We fight together, we bleed together, and what then do we do with our hearts?" "You tell me, Jasper of Moline... You tell me." Dive deep into this epic tale of love, adventure, and redemption alongside Hannah and Jasper. A princess who once thought her destiny was to rule alongside a man whom she might not have wanted and a warrior who once wanted nothing to do with love. They both soon find that not everything must be without color, not all flowers must be dead, not all wars were physical, and that some of them took place right within our very selves.


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