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Mystic Marachi

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  • 👁 17.1K
  • 7.5

"You have to come back to your people, they need you, this isn't you Asher," Melania said struggling with the pains of rejection from her long-lost mate "I am not Asher, I'm Levi!" He yelled in anger "I'm in my home, I'm a rogue," Asher replied in a flat voice "And you have no liberty to tell me what is right or wrong!" He exclaimed pulling her forcefully from the floor where she was writhing in pain and pushing her toward the wall "Argh," she groaned in pain not wanting to fight back "You're my mate, Asher, you're hurting me," "Don't call me that!" He growled at her, and he suddenly went blank he could feel the mate bond between them and he retracted "You have to come with me," Melania begged "Go and never return," he said without looking her in the eyes, he turned and made his way out He couldn't help but wonder why he always felt a strong connection with the girl who had perfect snow-white skin and a face that seemed perfectly carved, with each step he took he could feel the pains in his heart and he barely managed to suppress it so she wouldn't notice "See she gets back to her clan safe," he said to one of the bodyguards before he got into the car. "Argh, my head hurts," he shrieked in pain cupping his head in one hand and clenching onto his chest with the other He needed explanations as to why that girl, the girl he always sees beckoning to him in his dreams suddenly comes up with the idea of him being her mate!


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