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Ten years ago I was in the room, getting ready for a "by-force" birthday party my husband was throwing me at Lekki Miami Beach. I've heard a lot of amazing things about that place; it's been on my list of places to explore in Lagos not because of it's side attraction but because of the exotic views over there. I just wasn't feeling the party mood right now and I tried to explain to him why I wasn't really up for it. I've been an emotional mess all week and now I'm being forced to my own birthday party. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't want to go, its just; how do you expect a heavily pregnant woman who's due to put to birth in the next week to focus on her birthday happening in Lekki Miami Beach? Well, I didn't have much of a choice as I got into my beach evening gown. I felt naked and groaned out loud; why couldn't I wear a regular kaftan?. My groaning got his attention. He quickly rushed to me asking questions which were pretty obvious. I rolled my eyes before him saying " I'm fine, it's just disappointing you making me wear this to the beach. It's below twenty degrees out there!" "Alright, you have a point. I figured you might disagree so, here..." "What's this? " "Happy Birthday honey, now open it. " My husband can be pretty cheesy sometimes; I opened it non the less and found a neatly folded kaftan in it. I bounced on my feet happy that if at all I was going to be forced to this party, I might as well wear something comfortable. With a beautiful smirk on my perfectly matted lips, in one swift move, I took off my beach wear and dumbed in on my dressing table not minding I had smutted make up all over it. I wore my kaftan and smiled broadly at him, walking back to the mirror I adjusted my make up and hair before slipping into my comfortable Gladiator Once I was satisfied with my look, I winked at him through the mirror on my dressing table before I got up to head out of our bedroom. I noticed I didn't hear his footsteps so, I knew he was


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