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Monica Vansa

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To get his hands on his family's wine company which his sister wants to indefinitely displace him from. Leonardo pulls the biggest trick ever coming home with a fake fiance to prove to his family he was finally becoming the responsible man they wanted him to be. But there was one tiny flaw in his little put together plan, he was starting to fall for his fake fiance, a petite blond with a certain real boyfriend who poses as a nuisance for him. Can Leonardo sway her head with other man lurking in the background? And what happens when there is a baby in the mix? *********** Kissing Paige in the garden was unplanned, it had affected him so greatly Leo wanted to see where this would lead. If it was just a physical pleasure or if it was more. Of course, he needn't tell her that. He trusts himself not to cross the line. Only if she would stop running away from him, then he wouldn't have to pretend he was into one-night stands just to cover up how broken he was. The things he yearned for and wanted. If it was what he suspected, then maybe he can finally let go of the past and focus on the future. However, one thing was certain: he likes this girl, and he intend to keep her. He stared at the girl's parted lips, pink, full, and in a natural pout and a fire leaked into his heart, revealing itself in his warm brown eyes. impulsively he wanted to ignore the consequences and just kiss her awake but he quelled down that emotion and instead leaned closer to her, one hand holding her gently and brushed his lips over hers. Once, twice. And then he was gone.


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