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About me

Well, greetings, fellow literary adventurers! Picture this: a caffeine-powered wordsmith swirling in a whirlwind of storytelling antics—that's me! I'm a seasoned scribe navigating the labyrinth of online realms, known for my love affair with fiction, especially in the realms of fantasy and science fiction. My affair with writing? Ah, it's like a fine wine that matured over the years. I embarked on this enchanting journey of crafting tales when dragons roamed freely, well, maybe not quite, but it feels like eons ago. And since then, I've been wielding my trusty keyboard to conjure up worlds, characters, and plots that dance on the page. As for my exploits in the publishing realm, oh yes, there have been escapades! I've woven my narratives into the digital tapestry, birthing stories that have fluttered across screens and nestled in the hearts of readers. From serialized sagas to standalone epics, I've dabbled in them all, much like an artist experimenting with various shades on a canvas. Now, my literary preferences lean towards the fantastical—realms where magic crackles in the air or where the cosmos becomes a playground for futuristic marvels. But mind you, I'm not averse to traversing other genres; a good story is like a captivating melody—it can enchant regardless of its genre. So, buckle up, intrepid readers, for in the vast tapestry of my imagination lies a treasure trove of stories waiting to whisk you away on thrilling escapades!


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  • Author: Mixkr
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 70
  • 7.5

This is a tale centered around love and self-identity, unfolding between a vampire and a human girl. In the story, the girl is sent to confront the vampire, but their feelings for each other gradually deepen, ultimately leading her to aid him in evading pursuit. Amidst this journey, they face numerous challenges and predicaments, yet find solace and support in one another. The novel delves into the interactions and emotional transformations between the vampire and the girl, exploring the differences and conflicts between humans and supernatural beings. The vampire is perceived as a monstrous entity by humans, while the girl is regarded as an adversary by vampires. However, their emotions transcend these stereotypes. They rely on each other, offer mutual aid, confront adversities together, and ultimately discover their own happiness. What captivates readers in this novel is its unique love story and profound emotional portrayal. The emotional connection between the vampire and the girl is rife with drama and tension. Their love endures numerous trials and tribulations, yet they persist. Readers are drawn in by the emotions depicted in the story and moved by the courage and determination of the protagonists. Furthermore, the novel unveils a world teeming with fantasy and enchantment through the adventures of the vampire and the girl, and their interactions with the world around them. This world harbors an array of mystical creatures and magic, inviting readers into an endless realm of imagination and wonder. In summary, this novel is a tale brimming with love, adventure, and fantasy. Its allure lies in its unique plot and profound emotional depiction. Readers will be drawn to the protagonists' love story and inspired by their resilience in the face of adversity. Meanwhile, the fantastical elements within the novel will ignite boundless imagination and delight for readers.


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