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About me

A sucker for romance stories, but also loves tragedies. Hello! I'm Mirae, A 36years old struggling published author who writes Young and New Adult novels-majority falling into romance genre. I started writing way back 2013 when I was 26 years old. Since then, writing became my passion. It is my form of escape, a breather in this suffocating world.


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  • Author: Miraeee
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 24.6K
  • 7.0

Her body was burning with heat as strong as volcanic lava, and the only one who could save her, was the man before her. She clung tightly to the cold marble-like skin, her survival instinct eventually making her give up all resistance. Pain was accompanied by pleasure slowly rising bit by bit, like a firework display going off in her mind, making her feel like she was a lone boat in a sea of fire. Rising, then sinking, it was hard for her to free herself— “Hey, wake up…It’s cold here, don’t catch a cold—” The pressure on her shoulders caused Arisen Ni to wake up abruptly; her disoriented gaze met with the concerned eyes of the nurse. In an instant, her guilty conscience made her face blush, she wished she could crawl into a hole in the ground as she avoided the nurse’s gaze in shame. D*mn, although it has already been such a long time after that one drunken night, that hot night she had with Trojan Pierre kept appearing in her dreams from time to time. Thanks to being drunk to the point of unconsciousness, she did not have much memory of that night, otherwise she would not know how to face him. The nurse saw that she had finally woken up, and passed the papers in her hands to her: “You forgot to take your pregnancy health results, Dr. Santos would like you to come again next week!” Arisen Ni received the report, smiled sweetly, and carefully placed the papers in her own purse. Trojan was still studying overseas, he was coming back tonight. Thinking of the meeting tonight, Arisen unconsciously tensed up. Because the area Trojan was at was too inaccessible, it was only until the child was more than 7 months old that she finally contacted him. Thinking of the shock that Trojan had when he found out she was pregnant, Arisen was a little nervous. Was it because she was particularly sensitive due to the pregnancy? She felt that Trojan was not as happy as she was about this. The doctor reassured her saying that men were always like that with their first child


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