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Mirabelle George

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A lover of WORDS! A novel freak! A music lover and an aspiring, "New York Times Bestselling Author!"


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  • 👁 275
  • 7.5

"This is all your fault!" he seethes. His eyes ablaze, I could feel his rage creeping up my skin and leaving goosebumps behind. "We never should have met. You should never have gone down that alley, and we would never have met. I should have just listened to Marco and killed you." "I should never have taken you to... to..." his voice trails off as his expression mirrors that of anguish. He is in pain and it's all my fault. A knot forms in my throat as I attempt to reach out and touch him, to tell him that I had meant no harm. But for some reason, when I opened my mouth, nothing came out. It was as if I had suddenly lost my ability to speak. ***** Alessia Di Napoli accidentally witnessed a murder in an alley on her way back from work on a rainy night. She manages to escape and attempts to bury that traumatizing memory, but all hell breaks loose the next morning when the whole town of Verona seems to be talking only about the murder of the only son of Antonio Cappello, the second most dangerous mafia Lord in the city, and she had witnessed it. Betrayed by her best friend and with two mafia gangs after her, she falls into the hands of Dante Marino, the leading Mafia Lord in Verona. The need to protect his gang from a war with the Cappellos compels Dante to take responsibility for Alessia because she is the only person that can link him to the crime, and because his nemesis, Antonio, would do anything to get his hands on her. Alessia is thrown into the dangerous world of these Mafia Lords, and she gets a private insight into the life of Dante Marino.


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