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Hello there, thanks for stopping by, I hope you like and enjoy reading a glimpse of my small imagination. P.S Please read my prologues they are really important to the books plots. I would really love feedbacks so don't hesitate to leave them, thanks.


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  • 👁 23
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To be a lover is to be a fighter. Sally smiled from how soft and tender the continuous stroking on her hair felt. She found comfort on the warm hard chest surface she laid, it was a dream that felt surreal, the thumping heartbeat she heard was music to her ears, a rhythm she found herself liking. She was enjoying this as she felt she was asleep and she dreamt as she would sometimes about being with a man she loved this way, she touched in return, her hands on his chest played with the soft light cotton fabric she found on it, he smiled and teased her, his hands slowly trailed from her shoulders down her palms on his chest which he caressed and held. This is not a dream at all it feels too real sally told herself, she woke up from her slumber and when he felt that she did so, he wrapped her in a close hug on his chest careful not to hurt her as he was aware of his build but tight enough that she could not break free, Sally tried to pull away from this stranger who she laid on, but he was adamant and didn't let her go, he liked her there and enjoyed the scenery associated with it, he saw her dismissal coming and wanted to live it as well. "let me go," she said trying to pull away from him "Why? you like it here don't you?" he questioned chuckling and smiling. "let me go at once, you pervert" she commanded wounding her hand into a fist and hitting his chest. He did as she said with uncontrollable laughter, he was non-challant and naughty. "you know, you came on to me, laid on me and touched me, I wonder who the pervert is," he told sally. Sally is made to marry Malcolm who she met two years ago and despised after their acquaintance, to her he was forgotten but in his mind and heart the memory of her burned fresh. he was in love and unaware that this was what he felt, he just needed her close to him so that he could function properly. Malcolm arranges their marriage and forcefully makes her a part of his world. They both get to know, Malcolm gets to understand his feelings, Sally finds out the story behind his multiple personalities and he gets to know that she is flawed in her own way, Sally get to understand and in turn starts to love him, but his world is one with a lot of hurdles and she has to become a strong partner for him, They become strong for each other as what lies ahead requires them to be.


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