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  • Author: Maryangel
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 5K
  • 7.5

*************Blurb************ Katrina's not-so-perfect life changed drastically on her 18th years birthday becoming even worst than before. She had gone to her mate's house to celebrate her new age and adulthood hoping he would finally mate her since he had promised to mate her when she turn 18. But just like glasses could be broken easily, promises can be broken as well, easily without stress. When she arrived at her mate's house, she was shocked to see him having s*x with three female werewolves. He didn't bother to stop instead he insulted her for being ugly and having a weak wolf. She was hurt. She shifted into her wolf form and ran into the wood since she can't run back home in her wolf form to avoid insult and ridicule from the pack because of her wolf's ugly form. The pack respect pretty wolves and treat the ugly ones like outcasts. In the wood, she heard an alpha voice call her wolf, out of curiosity she went to answer the call only to meet a dead being in a coffin box. ****""" **""Excerpt**"" I opened my eyes to see myself in a dimly lit room, a big box was staying a little distance away from me. I couldn't make out what is in it or how huge it is. It was old and dusty. My first thought was, get up and run but I knew better than to do it. Even at that, I was also curious to see what is inside the box. I got up and begin to trade towards it. As I approach I can feel my heart swiftly beating but I was determined to see the end of it. It is only when I was an inch close that I realized that the thing wasn't an ordinary box rather it was a coffin. "Oh my God! What could a coffin be doing here." I exclaimed inwardly feeling dread pervading my entire body. This is a bad idea. I should have listened to my wolf. I should have resisted the force earlier. I grumbled but it was too late already. I heard a slight movement inside the coffin and I froze. I couldn't run, my feet were stuck. After some time the coffin opened. And here we go again! My curiosity peeks in, rising to the highest peak and I find myself treading towards it. I wanted to see what was inside the coffin, and I did. Reaching the coffin box, I saw a corpse lying in it. Its skin is dried up and only his skeletal bone could be seen. The structures of the bones were visible under his dried skin. His fang poking out. The sight was disgusting and dreadful, and I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I felt like puking. My heart flew out of my chest when I saw the skeleton move, I screamed, yelling loudly in fear as the hand grab me and pulled me in, making me lie above him. His eyes open and stare right into mine. "Audrey," He groans as he opens his mouth and sank his fangs into my neck, biting directly at the spot where my mate mark should be. I heard my wolf cry. "I have been waiting for you." He murmured before my eyes close as my consciousness drift away from me.


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