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Mary Chinweoge

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About me

I'm new to writing a full book, don't be harsh with your reviews 🤗


  • 👁 28
  • 5.0

Ever wondered why women go back to abusive relationships? Me too. But let's find out in toxic. Sasha is a twenty four year old pretty girl living in New York. She is a rich trustfund baby living her best life with her best friends Fiona, Astrid and Celine. Her life gets more exciting and interesting when she meets and falls inlove with Dave, a huge YouTube content creator at the five star hotel she works at. Sasha and Dave live their couple goals fairytale dream life until it was cut short. She breaks up with Dave but he comes back apologizing and asks for a second chance. Sasha is torn between taking him back or letting him go. She takes him back and things begin to unfold which she never saw coming.


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