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I just have a lot of stories in my mind that I want to share to everybody,hope you can enjoy!


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  • Author: Marbond
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 170
  • 7.5

In the distant ancient era, far beyond what could be described as a long, long time ago, a mystical power system, akin to a colossal magnet, deeply attracted those who sought the enigmatic forces of antiquity. In this world, the craving for power was not just a desire but a profound instinct within the human psyche. It was this unrelenting pursuit of power, coupled with continual self-validation, that propelled the human race onto the arduous path of progress and development. In this ancient age, stories unfolded along countless interwoven threads. War and conquest, glory and passion, destruction and guardianship, man and woman—these elements intertwined to form the timeless narrative of humanity. This story was not merely an adventure; it was a magnificent odyssey in search of ancient power, an endeavor to grasp it and ascend above all living beings. However, every human exploration and adventure was a gamble, always accompanied by substantial costs. This time was no exception. In the pursuit of the ancient, the roulette of destiny spun ceaselessly, revealing endless unknowns and challenges. At the edge of this world, what fate awaited the brave souls? Could they resist the allure of the ancient power, maintaining reason and courage, or would they lose everything on the boundless journey? This was a narrative of profound depths and mystery, a legendary adventure sparked by the forces of antiquity. Welcome to join this journey of unpredictable destinies, exploring the desires and challenges hidden deep within the human soul.


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